Business Administrator

Business Administrator:

There are many skills set that are required to perform the duties as Business Administrator or skilled Business Officer. The following are some of the skills listed below for one to possess by attending the course and use in their work place.

Professionalism in the Office: With this skills a person can position self as a professional, can enhance professional image, expand skills, can communicating for results, and can build relationships and networks.

Communication Essentials: With this skills one can improve business communication, verbal and non-verbal communication, written communication, electronic communication, communicating with graphics, and effectively working for boss.

Time Management Skills: With this skills one can identify goals, effective energy distribution, working with ones personal style, can build toolbox, and can establish action plan.

Managing Project Teams: Utilize the Managing Project Teams training to learn how to properly build, nurture, and manage your team. From identifying and utilizing strategies when managing a working team, to effectively closing out a project with your team, this course is a must have for Project Managers.

Business Etiquette and Professionalism: This skills can be key in learning the principles of professional behaviour, interview etiquette, planning and attending business meetings, electronic etiquette, and multicultural etiquette.

Thinking Critically:    This skills can be key in facing new problems, establishing the problem, discovering the solution, and accepting a decision.

Customer Service Basics: This skills can be key in understanding customer service, focusing on the customer, customer service and the telephone, handling complaints, and enduring stress.

Strategic Planning Skills : This skills are useful for developing a clear understanding of your organization’s current and desired state, its operations and market position. Learn how to develop a mission and vision statement for your company, after gathering the information that influences your business, from operational data to assessing internal and external factors.

Human Resource Concepts: This skills can be useful in attracting and retaining employees, recruiting, selection and orientation, training and development, performance appraisal, legal environment of HRM, motivating employees, contemporary motivation theory, motivation techniques, and teams and teamwork.

Effective Human Resource Administration:  This skills are fundamentals of motivation, individual and group behaviour, the informal organization, technology and people at work, productivity and quality improvement, job redesign and job enrichment, fundamentals of leadership, developing, appraising, and rewarding employees, communicating for effectiveness, managing conflict and change, and human relations in global business.
There are lots opportunities for professional with the above skills in the Business world. The different roles one can apply for with these skills are

Business Administrator

Human Resource Personnel

Business Development Manager