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Online learning has become increasingly popular due to the convenience of earning a certification from the comfort of your own home, office or anywhere with a stable and reliable internet connection. This makes it possible for anyone to become certified at a fraction of the cost and at a pace that suits them.

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The Future of Online Learning Will Look a Lot Like Amazon

Amazon has a real knack for changing consumers’ buying behavior. Logging on is like being welcomed by an old friend who knows you deeply. Amazon knows what you need even before you do, because it learns from behavior: which products you’ve viewed, what items you’ve purchased and how others like you have interacted with the […]

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The Two Leadership Skills Your Middle Managers Most Need

How well do the middle managers you serve manage others? Not just technically, but interpersonally — and not just down the chain of command, but also up it? You can be honest. Interpersonal skills are the most challenging to develop. The good news for you is that managers know they need additional support to develop […]

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It’s Time to Train Your Managers into Coaches

Picture the best manager you ever had. Do you still remember what they said to you? Do you remember how it felt to work with them? My guess is that the best manager you ever had cared about you as a person. They saw potential in you. They empowered you to move to the next […]

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